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Foreign Object Debris (FOD)

Seller shall establish, document and maintain a program to control and eliminate Foreign Object Debris (damage) (FOD) and/or contamination during seller’s (or seller’s subtier sources) manufacturing, assembly, test and inspection operations.

Return Policy

Satellite Aerospace, Inc. reserves the right to return product, within a reasonable time frame, if it does not meet the dimensional and/or structural requirements of the purchase order or drawing.


Country of Origin statement is required on the Manufacturers Certificate of Conformance.  If no statement is on the C of C it will be assumed that the product was manufactured and/or assembled in the United States.  The following certifications must accompany the product shipped:  Manufacturers:  Certification of Conformance, Test Reports and Process Certifications.

*Raw Material Suppliers are also required to be “DRC Conflict Free” in accordance with Dodd-Frank Act. Distributors:  Certification of Conformance and Third Party Test Reports (as applicable).  Applicable specification and part revision level must be present on certifications and test reports.


DFARS 252.225-7016 applies. DFARS compliance statement must be stated on the manufacturer’s certificate of conformance per DFARS 252.225-7009 qualifying countries.

First Article

A documented first article is required.  First article shall be required on the first production run per AS9102.  All additional revisions due to engineering, design and/or specification change then a Delta AS9102 is required.






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